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Early Breast Cancer Detection

Yearly mammographies are indispensable: taking this test regularly allows the detection of new invisible and non-palpable tumor, thus making it very easy to treat.


One of the major activities conducted by Faire Face was the program of free mammograms for early breast cancer detection.


Launched in 1997, this program, along with its a seven year follow-up process, already encompassed more than 7000 women. Mammographies are distributed over 17 centers on all Lebanese territory: seven public dispensaries related to the Ministry of Social Affairs (Bourj Barajneh , Bourj Hammoud , Chiah , Ain El Remmaneh , Achrafieh, Zahleh, Jezzine), and the premises of Faire Face (Badaro - Taleb Hobeiche Street - Jazra Bldg. - 2nd floor, tel.: 03/295965). These mammographies are performed in cooperation with radiology centers (CEDIM, Sahel Hospital in Beirut, Hammoud Hospital in Saida, Tel Chiha Hospital in Zahleh). Women who do not have any coverage (insurance, social security...) are the only ones who can benefit from this program.


Moreover, in cooperation with associations and NGOs, days of free mammographies have been organized in Mount Lebanon, the Chouf (Kfarmatta), North, South (Kfar Syr and Ain Ebel), and Bekaa regions (Ferzol, Zahleh).


Nonetheless, do not forget, each month, before or after the period, to perform self-palpation to our breasts since it is complementary to the mammogram.