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About Us

Faire Face is a Non-profit humanitarian association (Ministerial Authorization No. 163 A/D - August 1995).



The Faire Face Cancer Association is a non-governmental, non profit organization

(Ministry of Interior authorisation 163/AD  14.08.1995)

It was established in 1995 by a group of cancer patients, oncologists, nurses and psychotherapists.

The aim of the association was to create a space for support and solidarity and give cancer patients (adults,  all gender)the opportunity to share their concerns and experiences with other patients and specialists.

All members (about 30) are volonteers, and everyone assumes one or more responsabilities according to his abilities, preference and availability.


The association works to provide support to cancer patients and their relatives at many levels:

Psychological and moral support

Prevention program on Brest Cancer

Awareness and prevention Program for Youth

Social Support

Hot line availability: 961 3 295965


Administrative Commitee

President       : Anne Frangie

Vice president: Nicole Khayat

Secretary       : Yola Hage

It is upon the initiative of an oncologist that was born, in 1994, the Faire Face association which comprises now around forty members, many of whom are doctors.

The association aims at gathering patients in order to allow them a space for exchange and disussion, let them meet other persons who happen to have or had the same experience, share with them various disease-related problems and thus break with the isolation in view of easing their solitude and giving them the moral support they need.

The association makes available for the patients and their families:

  • A telephone hotline at the 03/295965
  • Meetings every Tuesday at the association's office
  • Group dynamics run by a psychotherapist.

The association is made of a general assembly and an administrative committee.

Founding members :

  • Dr. Michel Saadé
  • Dr. Dani Abi-Gergès
  • Mrs. Nayla Aoun
  • Mrs. Maud Nasr
  • Mrs. May Chemali
  • Mrs. May Majdalani
  • Mrs. Nada Kai
  • Mrs. Josette Khalil
  • Mrs. Hélène Saad
  • Mrs. Ghada El- Khoury.

Administrative committee:

  • President: Anne Frangié
  • Vice-president: Nicole Khayat
  • Treasurer: Fawzieh Sahyoun
  • Secretary: Yola Hage
  • Secretary's assistant: Matilda Bsat

Faire Face is open to everyone. Each contributes with his/her:

  • Personal experience
  • Know-how
  • Personal thoughts
  • Availability
  • Hopes



Published in 2006 by the Ministry of Health data of the national register of cancer in Lebanon for the year 2003